Proiecte - Projects         

Proiect Erasmus + "21st Century Competitive Teaching Skills" Aici

Acreditare Erasmus+ Educatie Scolara Aici

Proiect Erasmus+ "Act for green footprint not the global warming!" Aici

Proiect POSDRU Top Management Aici

Proiect strategic Erasmus+ - Popular Culture in School - coordonator En Aici Ro Aici

Proiect strategic Erasmus+ - "The Maths Rissing All Europe" -partener En Aici Ro Aici

Comenius Multilateral "We hear only via colours"Aici

eColideramus Juventud Aici

Comenius Regio Aici

Panel Competition Aici

Youth Exchanges Youth Between Aici

Europa fara frontiere. Tinerii si cetatenia europeana. Proiect scolar Comenius 1 Aici

Rasism, xenofobie, excludere sociala Aici

Proiect european - Youth in action program: "A multicultural forest" Aici

Proiect european - Youth in action program: "Manhole disigin" Aici

Proiect european - "Art in the street" Aici